Year: 2020

  • Silent Night

    I love Christmas music. Not that there aren’t plenty of reprehensible Christmas songs, and terrible versions of wonderful songs, but music has the power to transcend time and Christmas is the only time that some of us get to hear Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Joseph Mohr, and Franz Gruber. If you haven’t heard of […]

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  • Winter Wonderland

    There is something a little Lawrence Welk-ish about Pentatonix. Even when they’re not singing holiday songs. The question is never if they’re doing drugs, it’s which ones. Caffeine, definitely. Probably some booze, at least one of them has to be a boozebag. I would hope, for their sake, that there are some less proper distractions […]

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  • The Yawning

    The one action that irked him most, above all the many and multiplying ones in his irksome life: he is talking with her and she yawns. He, with just enough vanity to believe he is fascinating. It is not always out of boredom, it could be the crushing weariness of her life. Then he yawns […]

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  • Turkey Day 2020

    45 years ago today, I ate my last traditional Thanksgiving dinner. The day on our calendar that is most closely associated with killing other species of animals, and of enjoying the consumption of its flesh, seemed the perfect day to become a vegetarian. I have nothing against carnivores. Some of my best friends, and so […]

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