Year: 2019

  • Bloggiversary 2019

    If my little blog was human she would be in the first grade now. They grow up so fast. Bob Dylan said, “he not busy being born is busy dying,” but my experience of life is a little different. I think we start dying at the moment of conception and even as we draw our […]

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  • Disappear

    If you want me to disappear… If you want me to dry your tears I will do that for you If you want me to disappear I will do that too If you wanted to fly I would tell you to try I would give you my wings And give gravity the day off If […]

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  • It Doesn’t Matter Anymore – Part 2

    The least interesting man in the world: I don’t always write poetry, but when I do I am usually inspired by impressions and feelings, rather than incidents. I let my mind go soft in the face of overwhelming forces like love or nature, then search for words to capture the resultant swirling phantoms. There is […]

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  • It Doesn’t Matter Anymore – Part 1

    There is a line in John Prine’s masterful Hello In There that has always haunted me: We lost Davy in the Korean War I still don’t know what for It doesn’t matter anymore That’s the way it goes in life. At one point there is something that means so much to us that we can […]

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  • Watch the way…

    Watch the way the river rolls Every ripple has its rock Watch the way the time goes by It’s nothing like the clock Watch our conversation end Like we forgot how to talk Watch me find my way back home Like every door is unlocked

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