Year: 2019

  • I pound the rice

    I pound the rice And my hands are chapped. Tonight, my young prince Will take them and sigh. Unknown author From Kamitsuke Poems from the Eastland Early 8th Century

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  • Happy MLK Day

    From The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.: From the age of three I had a white playmate who was about my age. We always felt free to play our childhood games together. He did not live in our community, but was usually around every day; his father owned a store across the street from…

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  • Ducks

    I came across this beautiful creature, a Mandarin duck, in Central Park yesterday. The accompanying poem, by F.W. Harvey, was written while the poet was a prisoner during the first World War. The inspiration for it came from a drawing of ducks on water that another prisoner had scratched out in chalk on the wall…

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  • For Remembering Mary

    Another day is cocked and ready to fly Yesterday another somebody died but this somebody knew me when I was young She saw you come into this world and held your father’s hand to help him cross the street when he was a child Those were the days before The sky, appropriately somber, greets another desperate…

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  • …2019

    Like all new years, 2019 dawns with limitless  promise and if the past is any guide 2019, like 2018, will end with most of those promises unfulfilled. It is the few that will be filled that provide hope for our dreams. Fear of the unknown causes so many problems, but their solutions also lie in…

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