Year: 2019

  • Uncle Kurt

    Of all the people in the world who I don’t know personally, there is no person who has had a more profound and long-lasting impact on me than the author Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. His novel Slaughterhouse Five is one of the first novels I read and whenever I am asked to name my favorite book […]

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  • The Sins of the Sky

    The long angry light that nobody asked for throws shadows across all the delicate hopes of the dreamers and children and adamant losers who hold all their cards much too close to their vests The boats that are pushing the barges upriver never stop for the fishes or catching their breath they cry for the […]

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  • Where the Oysters were Poisoned

    I We looked at the past – at lamps, rivers, and drawings – and imagined the future they’d bring. We traveled down highways, up mountains, down waves and found ourselves in the place we had once called our home. II We called to the captain, “Change your course! We’re heading for the end of the […]

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  • I Let My Mind Go Out And Play

      I let my mind go out and play while I took care of some chores. I watched it from the windows, swinging from the trees. I kept myself from running out to help when I saw it stumble and cry. Sometimes you have to hit the dog on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper […]

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day

    In 1992, when the statue of Gertrude Stein was installed in Bryant Park it became the first statue of a woman in any of New York City’s parks. It had been 136 since the first statue of a person was unveiled – George Washington in Union Square.   She wrote this short, sweet valentine poem […]

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