Year: 2019

  • Oh, Christmas Tree

    We come into your home, the forest, carrying saws and axes, with no thought of your well being. We disturb your peace. We cut you off from your roots. We let gravity do the hard work of pulling you down to our level where we tie you up, top to bottom, with such rough utility…

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  • Bedraggled Ostrich

    Something special happened to painting in Italy in the 15th Century and to music in America and England in the middle of the last century. Something also must have happened to poetry in Japan around the turn of the 20th Century because I have been intermittently reading the Penguin Book of Japanese Verse with subtle pleasure…

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  • Snowfall

    The day after Thanksgiving I had a little to smoke and sat down at the piano to fiddle about. This song came out. In the instinctive way that mothers look out for their children, it wasn’t long before the mother of us all, nature, provided a nice visual backdrop to the piece. I might develop…

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  • Veggie

    Today marks my 43rd anniversary as a vegetarian. Turkey Day was the perfect day to reject an idea that had literally been spoon-fed to me but had worn out its welcome in my conscience: it is OK (delicious even) to kill animals. My nickname in college was “Veggie” because there were so few of us…

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  • New York’s Best Emerging Poets 2019

    Happy to have my poem “Drawing” included along with so many other great writers from the Empire State in New York’s Best Emerging Poets 2019 Anthology. For the poetry lovers on your holiday shopping list you can pick up a copy from the good people at Z Publishing.

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