Year: 2018

  • odds and evidence

    Against all odds and evidence All you need is love I still believe, impossibly, the best is yet to come All the fractures, strains, and breaks are as valuable as privilege as precious as the prejudice of knowing without seeing flinching without being hit crying with nothing to cry for talking with nothing to say…

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  • Veteran’s Day – More than fighting

    This Veteran’s Day I am thinking about the legacy of veterans that goes beyond wars and weapons, to the ideas that compel people to take up arms, and to the wisdom that is gained through experience, especially such transforming experience as war. Germany, in the early 1930s, was a shithole country. Not that our current…

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  • Two sorts

    “Mankind is composed of two sorts of men – those who love and create, and those who hate and destroy.” Jose Marti

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  • Anxiety of course

    Anxiety, of course, and unknowable future heartlands where malleable mountains ache to satisfy my soul wait with a mouth still wet from a hungry kiss to lick to smile to tell that strange and potent ancient truth

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  • Like most people…

    Like most people, the first time I saw a ghost it was hanging over the bathroom sink. Part of him was me but most of him was not. What was most recognizable about him was the fact that it would take very little effort to shatter him into shards.

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