Year: 2018

  • The Specter of Certain Death

    I The specter of certain death raises its head again but this time it’s as a punch line. We can share a laugh with nothing more than eye contact now. How could something as heartless as time perform such a sweet service? II The best of us have flaws while the worst carry the seeds…

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  • The snap in the air

    Something about the snap in the air pulls everything into sharp focus Your breath and mine become tangible as the leaves disintegrate Now that the snow’s coming down we can’t blame childhood anymore

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  • One of these days

    I’m going to ride on the back of those clouds one of these days even if it rips the skip from my bones and grinds me down to hamburger I’m going to feel quicksilver in my veins and wildfire in my intestines even if all of my hair falls out and my bones turn into…

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  • You Hung Yourself

    I found out this morning that you hung yourself And my day went downhill from there I drank too much, again, of course and ate too much too trying to fill up the hole then I hid inside the soft safe place where dreams and demons mingle Why would someone do that to herself when there…

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  • You were an ocean

    When I was younger You were an ocean A terrifying beauty There were colors in your coral reefs I’d never seen before Sometimes I drifted into your depths until I couldn’t see the shore Body surfing in your waves until my muscles were sore was as much fun as I had known As much as…

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