Year: 2018

  • Pressure

    There are three proven ways to relieve pressure: Sex Drugs Rock’n’Roll And when the other two go to shit you can always count on the savage-breast-soothing charms of music. I don’t have a lot of soft spots left but I’ve got one for The Kinks. This song, from their 1981 collection Low Budget, packs just […]

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  • Vicious World

    You don’t have to look far to see the viciousness of this world. Just turn on Fox News any hour of the day or night. Or climb through whatever portal suits you best to connect to populations seething with hate and fear. Social media is drowning in it.   Rufus by Derren Brown I got […]

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  • The Trees of the City

    The trees of the city – not the ones in the parks but the ones in the sidewalks and courtyards, surrounded by concrete – watch over us the way elders do, with endless patience and indulgence. They say, “It is possible to survive even the strangulation of your roots.” They say, “Make a home in […]

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  • Comfort

    I don’t know what clean is anymore But I know I’m not there And I don’t know if I’ll ever make it back  I remember pieces of things that had some kind of Meaning I need help to put those pieces together  Sometimes at night when I can’t fall asleep I watch the pieces falling […]

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