Year: 2018

  • Giving Thanks

    Thank you for trusting me with your secrets I will do what it takes to make sure they’re kept safe Thank you for listening to my stories And for knowing which ones were for you alone Thank you for helping me guide my strength And overcome my weakness Thank you for letting me into those…

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  • I’m Not Afraid (LIVE)

    I Fear is the challenge to overcome or to succumb and either way your work’s not done Once you think you’ve got it licked you’ve only learned half of the trick Just because you lose, or win, doesn’t mean a goddamn thing the next time that the fear begins II They say the fear of…

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  • Help Wanted

    For those on the hunt for a new job, several positions have recently become available in diverse fields of endeavour. So, spruce up your resume and submit to this blog for consideration of the following opportunities:Please note that we will only respond to applicants under serious consideration.    

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  • Slit Skirts

    Aging gracefully is one of the great challenges in the life of a rock’n’roller. Many artists have pissed away their maturity chasing the tail of their youth. Just as many have gone to an early grave without having to confront the challenge. Then there are the few who tackle it head-on. Pete Townshend was a…

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  • The punishment

    How shall man punish them that have injured him? Let him do them a good turn and make them ashamed in their hearts. – Thiruvalluvar  

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