Year: 2017

  • Down In The Salley Gardens

      A friend recently turned me on to a poem by William Butler Yeats called Down By The Salley Gardens. It was first published in 1899 in a collection called The Wanderings of Oisin and Other Poems. According to Wikipedia, “Oisin introduces what was to become one of his most important themes: the appeal of…

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  • A Song of Joys

    O the old manhood of me, my noblest joy of all! My children and grand-children, my white hair and beard, My largeness, calmness, majesty, out of the long stretch of my life. O ripen’d joy of womanhood! O happiness at last! I am more than eighty years of age, I am the most venerable mother,…

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  • CitySketch – Delacorte Clock

    “The fountain is my speech. The tulips are my speech. The grass and trees are my speech.” George Delacorte  George Delacorte was born and raised in NYC where he also graduated from Columbia University and founded Dell Publishing. He became a philanthropist with a taste for whimsy, donating money to build fountains at Columbus Circle…

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  • Nature As Art’s Greatest Model

    “Art takes nature as its model.” Aristotle Follow this link to read my piece on the influence of Nature on Art, published byArtPublika Magazine.

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  • Funeral For A Friend

    I thought a friend of mine had died and one of my first thoughts was of this song. It turns out he’s not dead, at least not as far as I know, though he seemed pretty committed to self-destruction last time I saw him. I hope you’re doing OK, Ecnerret. This song kick’s off Elton…

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