Year: 2017

  • Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Ass, 2017

    Disasters, both natural and the man-made kind, dominated the year that is ending today, but there were other things too, good things that should be remembered and celebrated because it is important to recognize beauty and progress. It’s also more fun that bitching about this awful year. Great new music was released by Jay-Z, Randy […]

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  • Silver Bells

    Jay Livingston and Ray Evans – both Jewish – wrote one of my favorite Christmas songs. They also wrote Mona Lisa and Que Sera Sera, among others, mostly for movies, and won three Oscars for original song. They were originally calling the song Tinkle Bells until Livingston’s wife Lynne told him that tinkle was a […]

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  • So Sad

    This one goes back a few years, and then a few years more, and a few more years on top of that. I like to think I’ve improved as a songwriter but I like these more than most of my old lyrics. This comes from the first session we did in a real recording studio. […]

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  • Both Sides Now

    “Don’t find fault with the man that limps Or stumbles along the road Unless you wear the moccasins he wears Or stumbled beneath the same load”  Mary T. Lathrap It is beneficial, especially in polarized times like these, to look at things from more than one perspective. One perspective that lies outside my experience is […]

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  • Mansplaining

    The future is female No shit In case you haven’t been paying attention So is the past Let me ‘splain…I was accused of mansplaining for the first time the other day. I didn’t think that’s what I was doing but I know racists who don’t think they’re racist, so… When I was coming of age […]

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