Year: 2016

  • Third Time Is The Charm

    Three years ago today I started this blog with the post “(Just Like) Starting Over.” It’s not an easy thing to start over but it’s necessary when the path you’re on hits a dead end. By the age of three, most of us have mastered the whole walking-and-talking thing, even if distances are difficult for…

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  • Happy Turkey Day

    Forty years ago today, I became a vegetarian. The turkey fetish was a big part of what pushed me to finally follow my heart and forego the consumption of flesh. I also met a young woman that year who was a vegetarian. Before her, vegetarians were an exotic breed like albinos or Buddhists. She gave…

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  • American Idiot

    “Maybe I am the faggot America I’m not part of a redneck agenda Everybody do the propaganda And sing along to the age of paranoia”  – Green Day

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  • Election Day 2016

      I grew up in a politically split household, but in the opposite way from a lot of others: Dad was a liberal Democrat and Mom was a conservative Republican. My brothers and I all followed Dad’s lead and after many years, Mom joined us too. She was born and raised in Massachusetts at a…

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