Year: 2016

  • Demo: Now Is The Winter

    Now is the winter of our discontent Made glorious summer by rock’n’roll – Matthew Kennon I’ve been reading Neil Young’s Waging Heavy Peace and, as is often the case with his art, feeling inspired. This is the first song I’ve written in a while. I wrote it last night. There’s something about a song that’s…

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  • The Window

    I look out my windowTrying to believe what I’m seeing is realBut my heart says it’s not Things that die in the winterCome back in the spring The loves I try hardest to forgetCling to the deepest part of my heart Love laughs loudestat death

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  • The Chrysler Building

    Two views of The Chrysler Building: the first in the pink light of sunset a few weeks ago and the other in last night’s foggy rain.

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  • Meditation Music

    Playing a musical instrument is a lot like meditating. I find that my mind follows the notes as my fingers play and I can’t carry on a conversation while I’m playing music the way I can when I’m just listening to music. It’s like being lost in a dream.I wrote this spare instrumental piece last…

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