Year: 2016

  • I Savor The Pain You Cause Me – Prayers

      It’s not that I forgot how to pray But when you’ve lost faith, what’s the point? What if faith is the least of losses? Secular prayers Meditation and Daydreams Painting and Music and Fiction and Hollywood and Sexual Fantasies that somehow stay warm on the coldest nights And Memories Memories beyond the imagination of…

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  • Review: Yolanda by Tim Tomlinson

    Typhoon Yolanda struck the Philippines in November, 2013 with winds that reached 180 mph. It was one of the strongest tropical storms ever recorded and the deadliest in Philippine history, killing at least 6,300 people in that country. But those are just numbers and facts and words.  “and then we tried to go uponce we…

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  • Regrets

    Let’s start off the new year right, with regretsRegrets are for fools, cowards, and small-minded peopleLike meThe first regret is the obvious one:I regret drinking too much last nightBut I don’t I regret making no New Year’s resolutionsBut I don’t The other regrets fall into two categories:Regretting what I did and what I didn’t do…

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