Year: 2015

  • Happy Blogiversary

    My name is Mike, and I’m a blogger. Two years ago today me and the Words & Music staff (I hope to have it tattooed one day) first dipped our wick in the blogosphere. One of the things I’ve learned blogs do best is making lists, and anniversaries are a good time to look back […]

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  • Review: Cutting Teeth by Julia Fierro

    Julie Fierro’s Cutting Teeth is a messy book in the best possible way. Like the time of life it so accurately and lovingly depicts, it is a wet story. The pages drip with tears, spit, snot, blood, wine, beer, the salty waters of Long Island Sound and the juices of sex that create those little […]

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  • 20 Questions

    Let’s play twenty questions:   1. On your way to work do you ever stop and wonder if you’ve gone the wrong way?  2. If you got off at the wrong stop?  3. If you took the wrong exit?  4. If it’s too late to go back?  5. If it’s too late to go forward? […]

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  • Review: Archibald Motley: Jazz Age Modernist

    Archibald Motley was born in 1891 in New Orleans. His travels would lead him over the years from Bronzeville in Chicago, to a year in Paris on a Guggenheim Fellowship, to Mexico in the company of his nephew, the writer Willard Motley, and through January 17 of next year in an exhibit at the Whitney […]

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  • La Ville Lumiere

    360 degree panoramic view from The Eiffel Tower Paris was founded in the 3rd century BC by a Celtic people called the Parisii, who gave the city its name. By the 12th century, Paris was the largest city in the western world. Paris is the home of the most visited art museum in the world, […]

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