Year: 2015

  • 2015/2016 – The Old Man & The Baby

    Father Time is growing old and Baby New Year is a drain on his energy. Father Time loves his baby notwithstanding. The old man has seen a lot. Too much. He’s seen more than he ever wanted to see. He’ll find sweet relief in the act of closing his eyes forever. The baby is ignorant […]

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  • The Gift – A Dialogue

    I have a little something for you. Ooh, what is it? My love. Oh. You shouldn’t have. It’s nothing much, but it’s from the heart. I don’t know… You don’t like the color. I’m just not sure if it’s really me. Well, try it on. OK. There. Yeah, it’s a little big. That’s OK, we […]

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  • In the Bleak Midwinter

    “The darkest nights produce the brightest stars.” Humans have been aware of the winter solstice since at least the stone age and built monuments, like Stonehenge, designed to align with the solstice sunrise and sunset. There’s something about this particular time of the year, when day is shortest and night is longest, that brings out […]

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  • The Lost Art of Letter Writing #2 – New Jersey, 1998

      April 7, 1998 Mr. Jim FlahertyCentury Operating Corporation7 Penn Plaza, Suite 1400New York, NY 10001 RE:  Michael & Nancy Power Dear Mr. Flaherty, I have been asked to provide a letter of reference for Michael and Nancy Power and am glad to do so. I met Nancy in 1979 and Michael in 1980 and […]

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  • Christmas Time is Here

    In 1965, A Charlie Brown Christmas made its television debut. The producer of the special, Lee Mendelson, had heard a jazz tune by Vince Guaraldi as he was riding in a taxi over the Golden Gate Bridge. Mendelson got it touch with Guaraldi and hired him to write the music for  A Charlie Brown Christmas, […]

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