Year: 2014

  • Images from a Medieval Festival

    Last Sunday, in Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park, about 60,000 people gathered from the 30th Annual Medieval Festival. If you’ve never been and it looks like something you’d enjoy, you should check it out next year. It’s always held at the beginning of Autumn and it always starts with a parade. The parade doesn’t always have […]

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  • Julia

    In 2012, I met a woman named Julia and was inspired to learn this song. Julia’s a common enough name but one that I hadn’t come across much in my life. Earlier in 2012 my first full-length stage play Digging Up John Barrymore, was produced by the good people at Dreamcatcher Entertainment. The name I […]

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  • Let It Down

    George Harrison’s son Dhani (and friends) with a killer version of George’s “Let It Down” from All Things Must Pass on Conan O’Brien’s show last night. Though you sit in another chair, I can feel you hereLooking like I don’t care, but I do, I doHiding it all behind anything I seeShould someone […]

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  • Images From A Climate March

    You never know what you might see at a climate march.   You’re bound to see hordes of people. The estimate I heard was 310,000. A lot of them, like me, are taking pictures of each other. You’re bound to see something like this – a mock-up of warhead. What you might not always see […]

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  • Baby, I’m Falling Apart

    Is it time for another self-pitying song already? Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Loudon Wainwright the third is one of my favorite songwriters and one who knows a thing or two about self-pity. If you don’t know the man’s work, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Here’s a snippet […]

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