Year: 2014

  • The Immeasurable Treasure

    If I spent every moment of the rest of my life with you It wouldn’t be enough   If I knew everything there was to know about you It wouldn’t be enough If I tasted the flavor of you alone on my tongue I would always be starving for more If I could read every […]

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  • Self-Portrait

    “It gets worse the older that you get There’s no escape from the state of confusion I’m in.” – Ray Davies It must be hard for even an egotist to look too closely at his face in the mirror, and I’m no egotist. Some people find it helpful to ask another to take a hard […]

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  • Broken Angel

    “Either I’m too sensitive or else I’m getting soft.” – Bob Dylan One of the great themes of classical poetry is the damsel in distress. Any kind of suffering is bad enough but contemplating the suffering of someone dear to your heart is almost unbearable. Even more so when you’re unable to do anything to […]

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  • Images of a Lunar Eclipse

    An astrophysicist friend of mine (don’t you love sentences that start like that?) told me on Tuesday night that there would be a lunar eclipse on Wednesday morning. She wasn’t kidding. I wound up waking up naturally a little before the event and you wouldn’t know it by the photo but the moon was large […]

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  • The Mistress of Disguises

    Two years ago I wrote a play called Digging Up John Barrymore. At one point I considered a musical version and wrote a few songs for it. This one is called The Mistress of Disguise and here’s the relevant passage from the play (Barrymore’s deathbed scene) that leads into the song: Steve Izant and Julia […]

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