Year: 2014

  • Happy Blogday

    One year ago today I posted the first entry to my blog. Titled “(Just Like) Starting Over,” it was about quitting the band Late Model Humans and trying out this new adventure. For the first 9 months I was religious about the blog, posting 3 times a week: music on Mondays, fiction on Fridays, and […]

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  • Days

    I found an old friend over the weekend: the twelve-string guitar I used on this song. But I’ve been losing more old friends than finding them lately. Some of them are coming back but others never will. And with some of them, I don’t know yet. The first thing people feel when they lose someone […]

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  • Mostly You

    I wrote this song last week. It reminded me of The Kinks’ “Too Much On My Mind,” at least lyrically, so I added the harpsichord. Just a little something to pass the time. I didn’t get much sleep last nightThere’s too much on my mind Mostly youMostly youMostly you but other things too Like ugliness […]

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  • The Harasser And The Harassed

    “We insult her every day on TVAnd wonder why she has no guts or confidenceWhen she’s young we kill her will to be freeWhile telling her not to be so smart we put her down for being so dumbWoman is the nigger of the world.” John Lennon I. Sexual Harassment On Tuesday a video titled […]

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  • Too Much On My Mind – Mike’s Musical Monday

    After John Lennon, my favorite songwriter is Ray Davies of the Kinks. This song was recorded for the album Face to Face, released in 1966. It’s a real gem of an album with classics like Sunny Afternoon and Dandy but it’s this one that’s become my theme song over the past few weeks. I love […]

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