Mike’s Musical Monday – (I Wanna) Stick It Out With You

Before Late Model Humans there was Racy Dates. And before Racy Dates there was S&M.

S&M was me and Rick Myers. Back then he was called Sal Iva so Sal and Mike made S&M. For reasons that escaped our understanding, Mike was S and Sal was M.

In the mid-eighties Racy Dates went into the recording studio for the first time. Joining Sal (drums and lead vocals) and Mike (lead guitar) were Matt Kennon (guitar), Nik Winters (bass) and Nancy Maher (backing vocals and percussion). This was Sal’s songwriting contribution to the session: (I Wanna) Stick It Out With You.

When I look into your soft brown eyes
Baby, baby I get hypnotized
I get a shiver and I start to shake
And when you kiss me my body starts to ache
            I wanna stick it out with
            I wanna stick it out with
            I wanna stick it out with
            You you you you
When you hold me oh so tight
I get a shiver and I start to fight
‘Cause I know when I’m holding you
I don’t know what I’m gonna do
I’m addicted baby can’t you see?
I need you and you need me
We are one, yeah we’re a team
When you kiss me I start to scream
I wanna sit and just watch you
Like a TV I’m viewing you
I wanna grab you and never let you go
I wanna take you and whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

*The photos in the video include other collaborators from the same era, Sharon Emmitt-Klinger and Todd Elder, who aren’t on the recording.

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